I didn’t know what was right and wrong. This is how I grew up.

I wasn’t allowed to smile at home.

Because when my dad saw me smile, he would start punching me.


When I was in elementary school, my dad got put in a metal home.

I didn’t know but he had a sever depression disease.

He got tied down with hand cuffs and metal chains and that was the last time I saw him.

From this day, I started looking after my brothers.


I wasn’t able to make friends at school.

I was constantly bullied and I had no friends till middle school.

I didn’t have any good memories or any good feelings about it.

It wasn’t like I was afraid of anything. I just didn’t put my heart into it.

It was normal for me to be pushed down the stairs and break my nose.

When I graduated high-school, I decided to go to United States.

I probably wanted to run away from this reality.

I also wanted to throw away my identity as a Japanese.


When I was in United States, there was one Christian family that really took care of me.

I experienced kindness that I have never experienced before.

I experienced laughter, anger and happiness.

I felt like I was reborn. But that didn’t mean that I became a Christian.


Through all the mistakes that I made, I’ve come to realize that the Bible is true.

I accepted Jesus. And I met Lifehouse.


All these puzzles that I had in my head just came to one.

My body and my emotions became one, and I started to experience joy.

I started liking myself as a Japanese again.

Now I am blessed with an awesome job.

I am now 40 years old, but my body is as young as a 20 year old.


A life that God has prepared for you is truly amazing.