I was a very stubborn person when I first came to Lifehouse church, trying to live life my own way, it wasn’t a healthy lifestyle, but thanks to Lifehouse church, I could become the person I really wanted to be. I didn’t believe in lifelong marriage because divorce and cheating was all around me, but at church I could see great examples of loving couples and families and it challenged me to believe God has the same for me! What a blessing to meet my husband at church too!!! I love Lifehouse for giving me such a great community to be part of. And it just keeps getting better!

I learned what it meant to be a friend. I learned how important it is to read the Bible and decide for myself to believe in Jesus. I learned how powerful worship and gratefulness is for my every day. Jesus really saved me from hating myself and Lifehouse was the place I could realize that.

The music is fun & awesome and the messages speak to my heart and soul every single time, challenging me to become a better person. I can always feel God’s presence and his love. Now each week it fills me with passion and drive for each day, I’m excited to wake up every morning, meet new people, and do my job as a mom and part time worker with true joy! I love lifehouse church, my church! And I never want to miss a Sunday! :)))