I never really understood the meaning of being loved.
I always had family and friends around me in my life but I always thought “I’m not loved. All the I love you’s mean nothing!”.
I was never able to trust people because I was expecting everyone to betray me sooner or later.

Everything changed when I came to Lifehouse, that moment when I realised that “true love” was with me.
I decided to go back to God during worship, and I had tears from the warmth that filled my heart.

At that moment, all my past moments came rushing in and it made me realise that there was no fake love in my life.
I didn’t have to fake a smile anymore and didn’t have to impress people for them not to betray me!
I can be myself and have met the best family who would accept and love me for the person I am!

How I ended up in Lifehouse was a miracle. Lifehouse is a love-filled church, where everyone can laugh from the bottom of their heart!
Lifehouse changed my life, and taught me what true love is!

Lifehouse is the place I love!