My emotion was at a huge low point when I first started coming to Lifehouse Hong Kong 3 years ago. I had a Christian background, but I didn’t really connect with God fully; in fact I had some anger towards God and so whenever something bad happened in my life, I ended up leaving his church.

Since I have come to lifehouse, my life has completely changed. I was around so many great, joyful and genuine people who became friends. I was equipped by Lifehouse and have been able to develop my personal relationship with God through journaling and I have learned how to let go of my anger and bitterness towards God and my past.

Apart from that, my boyfriend at that time, has now become my husband, he was a non Christian before, that was saved and baptised in this beautiful church.

God has blessed us so much since then, we found our visions in our marriage, we have been given amazing work opportunities….. Our lives are just getting better – and our love for each other grows day by day!

We will NEVER be the same without Lifehouse! I love my Lifehouse family! Can’t wait to see more and more lives get touched by God through this AMAZING family!