Before I started coming to church, I always wanted people to recognize me, and as long as I can get it, I would’ve done anything.
As a result, I joined the Japan Defense Force, where I was a part of the Disaster Relief team, seen as “Heroes” through the eyes of the media.
Even at that time, I had conflict within me, covered by sense of helplessness and the greed to be recognized.

It lasted until I’ve decided it was enough and I dropped out of the Defense Force. I lost all hope and purpose right after I quit, but that was when I found Lifehouse.

At first glance, I thought it was just a church in a different “style” but the people I met were not what I had in mind.
They weren’t trying to be religious or sharing how pity they were on sins – they were real people.

Everyone here knew that their past was healed and they were living for a purpose.
They were a family that shared the same vision to use their gift for people.

From my point of view, I felt that this was exactly what I was looking for.
In the defense force, you share everything. It doesn’t matter where you come from and who belonged in which team. We work as one to go for the goal.
I was in that environment but never really understood the real purpose of why I was there. God taught me this through the Bible.

Psalms 118:22-24
The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone;the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.
The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad.

Even if someone rejects you, God reminds you that you’re the most important piece and that He is working on the backstage to show you the best plan.

My fight to be recognized by others finished at that moment.
That was the moment when I realised that I didn’t to fight for it because the King of Kings, who created this universe, calls me His beloved son.
That truth empowers me to do anything beyond fear.

Heroes are those who goes beyond generations.
Even if their names are forgotten, what they did and the impact they show the world can be passed on.
I’m just an ordinary businessman – not a pastor.
Even then, I have the privilege to support my family with salary and “invest” in someone else’s vision.
Hopefully the next generation will see that and continue the chain reaction, to impact and live for the people around them.
I believe I’m still just a piece, but now I know that I’m a piece of a significant picture.