I came to Lifehouse through an invitation from my roommate and through the Tohoku Relief Homestay Program. The Program supported victims of the devastating tsunami and earthquake.

At that time, I was always comparing myself with everyone and I always felt anxiety and had no confidence at all.

But after going to church, I really felt like I needed to change and I accepted Jesus in my life.

Then, I really started to see my life change.

I always use to feel lonely and think that I was different from everyone, but after knowing God I was filled with hope for the future. I started to like myself and I was able to love my family and friends.

Coming to church, I found out that Jesus has a great plan for me and He loves each and every one of us. I can now boldly say that this is my home.

I don’t need to do it alone.

Jesus is with me. Everyone has so much value and you are so loved.

I love Lifehouse. It’s filled with so much love.

Please come visit!